Erin Durban

Erin L. Durban is an interdisciplinary scholar activist and assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology, affiliated with Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies and American Studies. Erin’s teaching and research moves between the fields of feminist studies, queer and trans studies, transnational American studies, critical ethnic studies, critical disability studies, and political anthropology. Erin is a white, queer, genderqueer, disabled, and chronically ill faculty member who serves on the University Senate Disability Issues Committee (2020-2023) and is dedicated to creating an accessible university. Erin's first book, The Sexual Politics of Empire: Postcolonial Homophobia in Haiti, is forthcoming through the University of Illinois Press.  

Photo is a headshot of Erin smiling, with short brown and grey hair, clear-framed glasses, a silver nose ring, and a black button-up shirt.

Erin L. Durban