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Ableism, higher education

Autobiography, personal narrative, disability justice

History, law, public policy

  • A Disability History of the United States - Kim E. Nielsen
  • Black Disabled Ancestors - Leroy F. Moore, Jr.
  • The Ugy Laws - Susan Schweik
  • Civil Disabilities: Citizenship, Membership and Belonging - Hirshmann and Linker
  • Disabled Upon Arrival: Eugenics, Immigration and the Constitution of Race and Disability - Jay Dolmage

Literature, art, culture, poetry

  • KripHop Nation - Leroy F. Moore, Jr.’s organization
  • Representing Disability in an Ableist World - Beth Haller
  • Studying Disability Arts and Culture - Petra Kuppers
  • Walking with Ghosts - Qwo Li Driskill
  • Sins Invalid performing arts and culture community

Mad studies and neurodivergence

  • Black Madness: Mad Blackness - Therí Alyce Pickens
  • Explicit Literary Journal “a literary journal dedicated to showcasing the visual art and writing of non speaking and semi speaking disabled writers and artists.”
  • Intersectionalities special issue Mad Studies
  • Mad at School - Margaret Price
  • Mad Matters
  • Neurodiversity Studies: A New Critical Paradigm
  • Madness and Oppression from the Icarus Project
  • Black Madness: Mad Blackness - Therí Alyce Pickens
  • ASQ Madness volume - Citation coming

Systemic racism and ableism/sanism

Twin Cities, MN alternatives to calling the police

Thinking through intersectionality in disability studies

  • All the Weight of Our Dreams: On Living Racialized Autism
  • Black Madness - Mad Blackness - Theri Pickens
  • Bodyminds Reimaged - Sami Schalk
  • Clare, Eli. “Defective and Deficient: White Supremacy and Disability Oppression Tangled Together.” Understanding and Dismantling White Privilege, Spring, 2019 (9:1).
  • Criptiques - Ed. Kaitlin Wood
  • DisCrit: Disability Studies and Critical Race Theory in Education
  • Exile and Pride and Brilliant Imperfections - Eli Clare
  • Feminist Queer Crip - Alison Kafer
  • Walking with Ghosts - Qwo Li Driskill
  • National Black Disability Coalition

Films, documentaries

For further research

Here are a few resources which often publish Critical Disability Studies resources. Specific articles found within each resource may vary in approach and orientation.