Jennifer Row

Jennifer Row is an Assistant Professor of French at the UMN-Twin Cities and affiliate faculty in Theater Arts and Dance and Race, Indigeneity, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She researches and teaches early modern theater, dance and performance studies, queer theory, the history of sexuality, disability studies and affect theory. Her second book project: The Body Perfect: the Aesthetics of Ableism in the Early Francophone World looks at the poetics and politics of crafting an idealized "capable" body through aesthetic practices (from dance to fairy tales), and how these aesthetic techniques of crafting a perfected body challenge the stories we tell about early modern race and gender as well as enlarge the scale of inquiry of disability theory today.

Her first book, Queer Velocities: Time, Sex and Biopower on the Early Modern Stage is available through  Northwestern University Press. It explores new affects and queer desires wrought by the staging of temporal intensities (slownesses and speeds) and the impact of such queer affects on an emerging biopolitics.

Jennifer Row.