Other groups

There are many groups, units, and organizations at the University of Minnesota addressing questions related to disability experiences and identities. The CDSC focuses on increasing university interest and building academic connections around the critical study of disability. Every group and unit on campus has a different mission. The groups listed below may have missions and resources that also interest you.

Student groups

Staff and faculty groups

  • Accessibility Ambassadors
    A grassroots group of staff that gives direct support with “office hours” and presentations on general digital accessibility topics.
  • Digital Accessibility Group
    Focused on improving web and tech accessibility across the U from wherever we sit. They are currently focused on responding to a charge from the university president.
  • University Senate's Disabilities Issues Committee
    Recommends University policies, procedures, programs, and services concerning faculty/academic professionals, students, staff, and guests of the University with disabilities.
  • Disabled Employees at the U
    An affinity group established summer of 2019 whose purpose is “to build an inclusive and accessible community led by and for disability University employees to promote personal, professional, and educational development.”
  • Imagine Chair in Arts, Design, and Humanities (Dreaming Up the Change Disability Makes)
    It is a four-semester initiative (2020-2022) with a rotating chairship held by Professors Tammy Berberi (UMN Morris), Jigna Desai (UMN TC), and Jennifer Row (UMN TC). Each semester, the Imagine Chair spearheads initiatives intended to build critical disability studies as an institutionalized discipline at the UMN, on the Twin Cities and Morris campuses. The Imagine Chair:
    • cosponsors and supports the work of the CDSC (including the Teaching with Access and Inclusion Program led by Dr. Angela Carter)
    • actively seeks partnerships with other initiatives at the U to infuse disability studies into their ongoing programming
    • advocates for on disability issues as they intersect with University life, including letter-writing and meetings with the Senate on disability-friendly COVID-19 policies and antiracist positions
    • applies for grants to advance this program-building
    • cultivates new courses in critical disability studies

The Imagine Chairs actively seek collaborators amongst the faculty (especially outside of CLA) for further disability studies building, future classes that could be listed for a potential major, and more.


  • Office of Equity and Diversity (OED)
    The OED Certification program has 10 3-hour workshops that focus on specific aspects of equity and diversity that are closely related to accessibility concerns.
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC)
    For students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University to eliminate or minimize barriers and facilitate inclusion on campus. They provide many accommodations services but are primarily offered on a first-come first-served self identifying basis.