Past events

Spring 2022

  • CDS and Queer/Trans * Ecologies Reading Group, April 4. 
  • Jonathan Hsy Visit and Lecture Series, supported by the Center for Premodern Studies, the Uncommon Bodies Reading group and the CDSC
    • Uncommon Bodies, the Center for Premodern Studies, and the CDSC reading group on Hsy's Antiracist Medievalisms, prior to Hsy's visit
    • “Medievalism Meets Disability Justice: Life Writing and Social Change,” April 28.
    • Hsy's "Disability Pedagogy Syllabus Workshop," April 29.
  • IAS Teaching with Access and Inclusion, co-sponsored MNT, weekly on January and April.

Fall 2021

  • "IAS Thursdays | Decarcerating Disability: Deinstitutionalization, Disability Justice, and Prison Abolition." October 21st.

Fall 2020

  • "Unpredictable Embodiment and the Limits of (This)Order." December 4th.
  • "Plastic vitalities: critical disability studies approaches to environmental injury in the anthropocene." November 6th.
  • "Race, disability, and voting rights." October 23rd.
  • "Why Mental Health Matters." Teaching with access and inclusion discussion series. October 15th.
  • "Cripping the welfare queen: the radical potential of disability politics." October 9th.
  • "Fall kick-off." September 25th.
  • "Supporting Students: Reframing Disability." Teaching with access and inclusion discussion series. September 17th.
  • "Centering Access & Inclusion." Teaching with access and inclusion discussion series. August 20th.

Spring 2020

  • "A Radical Pedagogy Conversation: Teaching Disability Access and Justice." Presented by Dr. Allison Hobgood, Willamette College. February 14th.
  • CDSC Foundations Series: "What is Ableism?" Facilitated by Jay Wilson, Senior Access Consultant at the Disability Resource Center and Sarah Garcia, PhD Candidate in Sociology. March 23rd.
  • CDSC Foundations Series: "Disability Justice During COVID19." Facilitated by Dr. Angela M. Carter, Access Consultant at the Disability Resource Center.
  • "The Critical Disability Studies Collective: An Informational Event." Facilitated by Dr. Angela Carter and Jessica HorvathWilliams, CDSC CoChairs. May 20th.

Fall 2019

  • CDSC Foundations Series: "What is Critical Disability Studies now?" September 27th.
  • CDSC Foundations Series: "Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Dis/ability" October 18th.
  • CDSC Foundations Series: "Disability Pedagogy." November 1st.
  • CDSC Foundations Series: "Disability Justice." December 6th.
  • "Disability Justice and Sexual Violence" A presentation by Lee Blair, GWSS Major. December 6th.

Spring 2019

  • "Useless Eaters, Public Charges, Hulking Monsters: Disability and Surviving State Violence." A Lecture by Lydia X. Z. Brown. February 1st.
  • "Cripping Intersectionality: Neurodiversity and Disability Justice" A lecture by Lydia X. Z. Brown February 1st.
  • "No Liberation Without Disability Justice: Disrupting Ableism As Community Organizers and Freedom Fighters" A Workshop Facilitated by Lydia X. Z. Brown. February 2nd.
  • "Dreaming the Disabled Future With Leah Lakshmi PiepznaSamarasinha." February 27th.
  • "CareWebs Experiences in Collective Care" facilitated by Leah Lakshmi PiepznaSamarasinha. February 27th.
  • "Rethinking Interdependency: Desiring Messy Dependency." A Lecture by Akemi Nishida. April 19th.

Fall 2018

  • "Equity, Justice & Difference at Home & Abroad." A lecture by Nirmala Erevelles. September 25th.
  • "Dreaming Wild Disability Justice Dreams: A Kick Off Discussion Event." September 27th.
  • "Disability Justice in Activism and Organizing: Local Action to StateWide Change." Panel facilitated by Jay Wilson, Senior Access Consultant at the Disability Resource Center at the University of Minnesota. October 18th. Panelists included:
    • Rick Cardenas, longtime local disability activist and organizer currently working with the ReConnect Rondo Project.
    • Mai Thor, Civic Engagement Coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.
    • Octavian E. Robinson, Professor of ASL, Interpreting Studies, and Communications Equity at St. Catherine University.
    • Nikki VillavicencioTollison, Disability Rights Activist.
  • "Disability Justice in CampusWide Organizing & Activism". Panel facilitated by Sarah Garcia, PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Minnesota. November 15th. Panelists included members from:
    • The Disabled Studies Cultural Center (DSCC)
    • The Organization for Graduate and Professional Students with Disabilities (OGPSD)
    • The Critical Disability Studies Collective (CDSC)
    • The Access Assistants from the Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Spring 2018

  • Reading Group: The Right to Maim by Jasbir Puar. January 26th.
  • Reading Group: Academic Ableism by Jay Dolmage. February 2nd.
  • Black Disability Studies Reading Group. February 23rd and March 23rd.
    • Is Disability Studies Actually White Disability Studies? by Chris Bell.
    • Blue Blackness, Black Blueness: Making Sense of Blackness and Disability by Theri A. Pickens.
    • The Greatest Degree of Perfection: Disability and the Constitution of Race in American Slave Law by Jennifer Barclay.
    • Bitch you Must Be Crazy: Representations of Mental Illness in Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Consider Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf by Diana Louis.
    • Metaphorically Speaking: Ableist Metaphors in Feminist Writing by Sami Schalk.
    • Select articles on police brutality against black disabled people by Leroy Moore.
  • “Interrogating AntiBlack Racism and Disablement: A Critical Disability Studies Symposium.” April 12th and 13th. Speakers and presentations included:
    • "The Untold Black Disabled Reality Through Hard Hitting Poetry and Song." Performance by Leroy F. Moore, Founder of Krip-Hop Nation and Co-Founder of Sins Invalid.
    • "The Colored Insane: African American Narratives of Mental Disability in the 19th Century." Presentation by Dr. Diana Louis, University of Michigan.
    • "Organizing Racial & Disability Justice in Chicago." Presentation by Candace Coleman, Access Living Community Organizer.
    • "Black Women’s Speculative Fiction and Deconstruction of Able-Mindedness." Presented by Dr. Sami Schalk, University of Wisconsin - Madison.
    • "Strategies of Resistance." Keynote panel facilitated by Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, writer, independent scholar, poet, activist and educator. Panelists included: Candace Coleman, Diana Louis, Leroy Moore, and Sami Schalk.

Fall 2017

  • "What’s Critical about Critical Disability Studies Now?" A Welcome Event and Discussion. September 29th.
  • "Sustainable Design Strategies and the Future of Accessibility". Invited Lecture by Johnna Keller. October 26th.
  • "Imagining Cultures of Access: Race, Disability, and Mental Health On Campus." Invited Lectures and a roundtable discussion with Dr. Margaret Price, Ohio State University and Dr. Mimi Khúc, Georgetown University. October 27th.

Spring 2017

  • "Boys in the Bubble: Sexual Liberation, Disability and Prime Time Television." Visiting Lecture by Dr. Julie Passanante Elman, University of Missouri. February 24th.
  • "Empire’s Other other: Thinking Intersectionally in Transnational Contexts." Invited Lecture by Dr. Nirmala Erevelles, University of Alabama. April 14th.
  • "Pride, not Pity: Disability as a Culture." Part of the Office of Equity and Diversity Program Series "Critical Conversations about Diversity and Justice." April 21st.
  • Visiting Artist Talk by Park McArthur at the Regis Center for Art

Fall 2016

  • "Still ‘Absolutely Positive’." Documentary screening and discussion. December 2nd.
  • "Disability Justice is a Feminist Issue." Lecture as a part of the Women’s Center Feminist Fridays.

Spring 2016

  • "Disability Liberated: Mourn the Dead and Fight Like Hell of the Living" Documentary screening and discussion.
  • "Defective, Deficient, Burdensome: Thinking about Bad Bodies." Visiting Lecture by Eli Clare.
  • "Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement." Documentary screening and discussion.

Fall 2015

  • "Dialogues in Dis/Ability" A Series of 4 Film Screenings & Discussions. Topics Included: Defining Disability, The History of the Disability Rights Movement, Disability Activism in MN, and Disability Arts & Culture. October 16th, October 30th, November 13th, and November 20th. Films included:
    • "Fixated: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement."
    • "Vital Signs: Crip Culture Talks Back."
    • "Offense taken: A Community Response to the ‘R’ Word"
    • "The Real Story: Media Coverage of Disability Issues in Minnesota."
    • "Disability Culture Rap"
    • "Sins Invalida: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty."


Strategies of Resistance panel
RoundTable for Imagining Cultures of Access
Hacking the DSM