Our research indicates that these courses include critical disability studies perspectives in their curricula. If you are an instructor/faculty and would like your upcoming class included on this list, please contact us

Fall 2022 

FRENCH 1501/1502: Gateways to French Studies: Race, Sexuality and Disability 
Professor Jennifer Row | T/Th 2:30-3:45 PM | Twin Cities campus
Fulfills LE requirements for Arts and Humanities and Global Perspectives
Featuring theater activities, film, graphic novels, podcasts and invited guest lectures focusing on race, disability and sexuality from the early modern to the present.

Image descriptions: Black female or femme actors and film-makers raise their fists in the Black Power symbol at the Cannes International movie festival; A theater scene, with the actors in modern dress, shown from the audience's perspectives; a woman signs in French Sign Language.

Gateways to French Studies


Spring 2022

GWSS 3215: Bodies That Matter: Feminist Approaches to Disability Studies (Twin Cities campus)

Instructor: Qui Dorian
The COVID-19 pandemic has made questions of disability and ableism central and visible for all of us as never before. Dis/ability is not a physical or mental defect but a form of social meaning mapped to certain bodies in larger systems of power and privilege. Feminist approaches explore dis/ability as a vector of oppression intersecting and constituted through race, class, gender, sexuality, and citizenship. The course examines ideologies of ableism and the material realities of such oppression, and works toward imagining and constructing a more just and equitable society. As health care is differentially distributed or limited for people who are sickened by COVID-19, we see that systems of social and economic power determine the life chances of those who claim, or are claimed by disability. Meanwhile, people with disabilities have developed many daily life strategies that can be models for everyone coping with the pandemic.


Special Topics in Design Justice*: Disability, Racism, & The Intersections of Design Justice (Twin Cities campus)
Instructor: Jennifer White-Johnson (Designer & Disability Justice Activist)

Special Topics in Design Justice